Deciding What to Use As Your Carpet Cleaners Solution

When your carpet needs to be cleaned and you don’t want to hire a professional Manassas carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning service, you might be looking for the best carpet cleaners solution to use. First, you should know that homemades are better than store bought, but I will try helping you on deciding what to use. 

Tolerable Carpet Cleaners Solution

Look to the brand name and be careful with what you use for the solution. The machines manufacturer will recommend which brand to use based on the formulation of that brand that the cleaner will tolerate, whether it meets the sudsing level, etc. You might be stuck on any warranty if you use a something other than the brand it suggests. This happens to my sister, where she loaned her expensive scrubber out to a certain person, who used bleach in it that it ruined the machine as it ate the seals inside. I was adding liquid laundry soap with bleach alternative to my machine, but it wouldn’t be a huge deal if something went wrong because it is old.

Additional cleaner of Bissell or Hoover brands should be able to reach at your local supermarket. Also, there are some other brands at the market that claim they can be used in all major brands, which I have found them to be equal to the Hoover brand I have been used.

Boiling Water for Carpet Cleaners Solution

I understand that Oxi-Clean powder and boiling water works quite well as the carpet cleaners solution and most Burke Carpet Cleaners use this as well. The amount to mix is up to the user, and it may differ due to the size of the solution tank on your own steam cleaner. Most detergents work best in hot water so that boiling water is absolutely important. Besides, you have to make sure before you put it in the tank that all the granules dissolve, so that the granules won’t clog any of the jets. You might have to repeat the process, depending on the amount of soil, because you don’t want to over wet the carpet.

Another suggestion from me is to treat heavy traffic areas and stains prior to doing the cleaning. Well, if you have pet stains, you should better use vinegar instead of solution. It will remove stains and as a plus, the pet will not repeat their habit. You should try this homemade instead of the traditional steam cleaning solutions. The key is getting hot, hot water, mixed with vinegar or lemon juice. You may need to do one pass with diluted ammonia on the odor, which is followed up with the vinegar or lemon juice to knock the smell off.

Two cups of white vinegar used as your carpet cleaners solution will definitely get your carpet really clean, without any detergent residue. It will remove dirt and stains and odors better than the carpet shampoos. Add it to the hot water tank on your steam cleaner, and then sprinkle with Baking soda when the carpet is dry. Vacuum up after leaving it for a few hours, and by then your carpet will be clean and fresh smelling. Soaking your carpet will make it too long to dry and will cause mildew if left wet too long.

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