How to Clean Carpet Without Any Machine

How do we clean carpet without a machine? Maybe you are wondering if there is any cheap way in how to clean carpet without renting or hiring an Alexandria carpet cleaning service. Well, if you leave in the apartment, you can just ask the landlord to clean it before you signed. If you cant, you can just suck it up with the shop vacuum after scrubbing the carpet with warm water with the slightest bit of carpet cleaner added.

I would still suggest getting your carpet steam cleaned, though. A lot of companies out there can do this without leaving your carpet wet for too long. Your carpet will look new when its done, and most will come back if there is a problem. Also, actually, I believe 20 dollars actually isn’t very high a price for a Los Angeles carpet cleaner. I could figure something out to spend some money on a carpet cleaner when I was broke. Otherwise, as to how to clean carpet without machine, if you still dont want to spend a bit of money for that, just get down on your hands and knees, and scrub it up. It really sucks doing that, anyway.

How to Clean Carpet With Elbow Grease

This method is called elbow grease. First of all, you need to know what sort of carpet you are dealing with. The carpet you have may be cheap, so that steam cleaning is not really what you need. You can buy sprays and a scrubbing brush and a pair of marigolds. If you own an aquavac, you can use hot soapy water. Otherwise, avoid it except for the most stubborn areas. To keep the carpet dryer, you can make up your own spray, but it wont get it so clean. I just hope that your carpet is not too big.

You could use a white cloth with vinegar and cold water if the whole carpet is not dirty. You could also try rubbing stains out or using ammonia and water if there are random spots. I use elbow grease when I clean small rugged areas. I sweep the rugs first, and then dunk the big scrubbing brush in a bucket of water without soap, and then I brush the rug. I go over with a vacuum cleaner after rugs have dried.

How to Clean Carpet Without Wet or Dry Vacuum

What is the best way to clean carpet without using a wet or dry vacuum? Anyway, there are various models available that are almost like hand vacuums, but they are used for stain removal. So, have you considered purchasing a small carpet spot remover?

Also, some spray can shampoos can be sprayed on your carpet. Vacuum it up after you have allowed it to dry. They are a bit expensive, unless if you use them on spots. The powders sprinkles do not damage. You should try rubbing the stains with wet clean rags and then clean dry rags. You can purchase dry shampoos at stores for a cheap price. If you are wondering in how to clean carpet that is very light colored from organic stains like blood or food, plain peroxide works amazingly well in my experience.

I hope this article is helpful for you. For best carpet steam cleaner, I recommend Bissell Pro Heat 9400M. It’s going to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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